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Take treadmill, outdoor running, and strength classes on your own time for a fraction of the cost. Led by the world’s best instructors, matched to killer playlists, and supported by an uplifting community.

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Running on a treadmill doesn’t have to suck.  The treadmill is where it all started.  Take boutique running classes that pair a motivating instructor with a killer playlist.  Whether you’re looking to run your first mile or an advanced runner, there’s something for everyone.


High Intensity Interval Strength classes taught by the world’s best instructors matched with killer playlists.  Workouts are a mix of strength training, metabolic conditioning, high intensity interval training, calisthenics and bodyweight workouts.

How Our Classes Work to Give You the Best Sweat of Your Life

Motivating Instructors

Our instructors are some of the best in the world and have experience from elite group fitness institutions. Each instructor has their own style and will motivate you through a workout.

Killer Playlists

Music is at the core of every class. Whether you love rock, hip-hop, EDM, or anything in-between its there for you. We often do themed classes like "Reggae Rave" or "90s Rock".

On Your Own Schedule

Unlike in-person group fitness classes, you can take Studio classes at anytime that's convenient to you. You can take classes at a gym, at home, or outdoors.

Real-Time Leaderboard

Studio is a group thang. Every class allows you to compete asynchronously in real-time against anyone who has ever taken the class before. We bring in distance and biometric data.

All Skill Levels

Studio is built for all levels of fitness. Whether you've never ran a mile before or you're a marathon runner, there are classes for you. Classes have difficulties of beginner, intermediate, advanced and have lengths ranging from 10 to 60 minutes.

New Classes Daily

We put out new classes 365 days a year and we're constantly increasing the amount of classes we put out. We also have a backlog of content, so you can hit the ground running...literally.


Gone are the days when you have to go to an IRL fitness class to get the same workout, and a new app called Studio is perfect for runners.


It is truly a form of group fitness, complete with a leaderboard to spur competition and enhance performance, and contains a social component despite the individual only needing a phone in order to connect at home or at the gym.

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With a slogan like, "running on the treadmill doesn’t have to suck," Studio's an obvious choice for runners. Its platform delivers audio-based group running classes with kickass instructors and playlists. So all you have to do is plug in and get moving.


The best part of Studio is that it’s convenient, and each workout delivered—I broke a good ol’ sweat every time I hopped on the treadmill.


With the Studio app, you can take a virtual treadmill running class anywhere at any time. The instructor tells you how fast to run and for how long, plus it includes a playlist for the class.


There’s a competitive aspect too, as Studio awards you “Fitcoin” for the time and distance of your runs. (You’ll need the Apple Watch app to track your runs and earn Fitcoin.) The virtual currency gets you a ranking on the Studio leaderboard and can also be used to earn prizes.


The new app Studio allows users to choose between hundreds of on-demand audio classes (seriously, new classes are added every day) from instructors at über-popular places like Orangetheory Fitness and Barry's Bootcamp. The best part: You'll only pay $15/month, or $99 for an entire year's membership. Seeing as the average class of a New York City–based boutique class is $34, that's a significant savings.


Studio offers audio-based treadmill classes that users can access by downloading the mobile app or running on treadmills with the software built in. Users can pay for monthly or annual memberships, and do not need to purchase any special equipment.

Business Insider

Studio offers the popularity of group fitness with the flexibility of taking a class at any time. At the cornerstone of Studio is the asynchronous leaderboard, allowing runners to compete in distance and biometric data with anyone who has taken the class before. Classes are paired with an elite instructor and a music playlist that guide and motivate runners to reach new personal fitness goals.

Compete in real-time on our leaderboard

Get The Extra Push From The Leaderboard

Cheer On

Tap the Cheer button to show love back to the instructor and to get the rest of the class motivated.

Heart Rate Training

We believe heart rate training is the best way to build endurance and a better you. We pull in real-time heart rate data from your Apple Watch. We update your max heart rate % and zone color in real-time.

Ranked by Fitcoin

Your place on the leaderboard is based upon the number of Fitcoin you’ve earned, which is a combination of time and distance run. It’s not about being #1 though. It’s about passing the person in front of you and keeping the person behind you at bay.

Ghost Running

Think you can beat your previous time? We let you run against yourself and your previous run for the class with Ghost Running.

Connect your Apple Watch

We Crafted Studio from The Ground Up To Utilize Biometric Data From The Apple Watch

Earn Fitcoin Like a Boss

Fitcoin is our virtual currency.  You earn it after every single class based upon how long you’ve run for and how far you’ve run.  Your Fitcoin allows you to rank up and show your status off on the leaderboard.  Every user starts out as a Basic Bear.

Soon enough you’ll be able to redeem Fitcoin for real world prizes and limited edition customizations to your Studio experience.  Start running and watch the Fitcoin stack.

The World's Best Instructors

Our instructors have decades of experience and helped pioneer boutique fitness at the largest studios in the world.  Now they’re all yours.

Lisa Niren

Head Instructor


Founding Instructor

Cedric Green

Founding Instructor

Adam Wasserman

Founding Instructor

Lauren Baptiste

Founding Instructor

Bakari Williams

Founding Instructor

Shelly Ramoni

Founding Instructor

Mike Press


Selena Watkins

Founding Instructor

Aaron Albert


Justin Koodish

Founding Instructor

Got questions? We have answers.

What are the workouts like?

Ever take a Bootcamp class at Barry’s or OrangeTheory?  Think of it like that, but you can take it whenever you want and wherever you want.  We pair amazing instructors with motivating playlists.  Classes are treadmill, outdoor running, or strength focused.  They vary in length from 10-60 minutes.

Are running workouts for Treadmill and Outdoors?

Yes!  We have classes for both the treadmill and outdoor running.

Are classes audio only?

Yes.  We believe the screen on your watch and phone should be focused on community and the leaderboard.

Can I opt-out of the leaderboard?

Yes.  You can run unranked.  You will only earn Fitcoin for time, not distance.

Do I need an Apple Watch?

No!  You can still enjoy Studio, take classes, and earn Fitcoin without an Apple Watch.  The Apple Watch just allows you to run ranked on our leaderboard as we can pull distance and biometric information in real-time through it.

Do I have to take the classes at a certain time?

Nope.  That’s the beauty of Studio.  Unlike physical classes, which require you to be at a location at a certain time, Studio lets you take the classes whenever you want.  We have a “release schedule” in the upcoming section of the product, but you can take the classes at any point after they’re released.

Can I try Studio for free?

Yes!  You can try Studio for free for 2 weeks.

This seems intimidating. What if I’m not a runner?

That’s okay!  We’re made for beginners and for athletes.  We release beginner classes multiple times a week.  You can also adjust the speed and incline settings to suit your own needs.