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Studio x LifeFitness


Hey all,

Really excited to share something we’ve secretly been working on for the past six months. We teamed up with LifeFitness, the world’s largest treadmill maker, to bring our content to millions of their runners worldwide. If you’ve ever worked out at Equinox or thousands of other gyms, you’ve probably used their treadmill. To get a sneak peek, head on over to Product Hunt.

​Get a Sneak Peek on ProductHunt!!​

Why did we do this instead of building our own treadmill? We believe in creating the world’s best content and software. In turn, we’ll partner with people who make great hardware – whether that’s treadmill makers, smart headphones, wearables, or smart phones themselves. The same way Netflix has their content everywhere – smart TVs, smartphones, set top boxes, etc., we want to have our content on any hardware that someone might use to make themselves healthier. Our mission is to make the world healthier by turning fitness into entertainment and therefore more accessible. If we limited ourselves to only those that could afford expensive hardware, it would be really tough to achieve that vision. By partnering with a hardware manufacturer like LifeFitness and their gym partners, we can now make our content more accessible than any other company out there.

We’ll be showing it off tomorrow evening in New York City from 6-9 pm! Let us know if you’d like to come to the event and grab some drinks on us.