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Meet Tribes, chat based communities that let members and instructors interact with each other.


Community is at the core of everything we do at Studio and today we’re launching a very special feature to bring a community of over 60,000 (and growing!) members together in a meaningful way.  Tribes are group based communities that let members AND instructors interact with each other.  Right now, we’re starting with one tribe for everyone, #general.  In the future you’ll be able to create your own tribes.  To get started, update your iOS app to the latest version (1.0.36) and you’ll see Tribes on the start screen.

Our thesis around community isn’t around connecting one individual to another individual, but connecting one individual to a group of many individuals that share a common interest.  Though we’re starting with one #general tribe, you can see other tribes eventually form around shared interests like #momswhoruntogether, instructors themselves #lisaswarriors, shared goals like #losingweight or local communities like #harlemrunclub .


Just like our leaderboard, Tribes are real-time.  You can scroll through history, but we see Tribes as a way to drop into a conversation that’s happening in real-time.  We want the experience to feel more like a group text thread than a Facebook group.

Untethered Access to Your Favorite Instructors

Our instructors are a core part of the community and bring us all together.  They’ll be hanging out in Tribes all the time and want to interact with members that love their runs.  Have questions about running form?  Feedback on a class?  Want to say hi?  Oh… be on the look out for shoutouts!


Certain members will have flair – pink badges next to their name.  This is reserved for Studio instructors and staff along with select community members.  We’ve handpicked some of our top members to be “deputies” to help spark conversation, answer questions, and to be a voice for everyone else.  You’ll see the very special flair of “MAYOR”.  We’ll be selecting Mayors every few weeks and profiling their wellness journey.


To keep Tribes lively, our instructors will be sparking conversation with Icebreakers.  They’re topics and points of conversation for everyone to talk about in a tribe.

As a reminder, Tribes are a supportive and uplifting community – we have a zero tolerance for harassment.

See you in Tribes!