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Meet Sculpt – We Made You Faster, Now We’ll Make You Stronger


Hello Studio Community,

Today we’re announcing something that has been in the works for over a year and a half – Sculpt, high intensity interval strength classes taught by the world’s best instructors matched with killer playlists.

Our mission has always been to make fitness accessible to the masses. We started by solving the need for better cardio with our treadmill and outdoor running classes. We always knew that there was a need to come up with a similar solution for strength. That’s where Sculpt comes in with 10 to 30 minute high intensity interval strength classes that you can take in addition to our treadmill and outdoor running classes.

This isn’t an afterthought for us, but something that is just as important as our running classes. That’s why we’ll be releasing one new Sculpt class a day. To begin, Sculpt will be taught by Lisa Niren, Selena Watkins, Bakari Williams, and Justin Koodish.

We’re still dedicated to audio as the primary way to consume content, but we realize that strength training requires a visual component for reference. That’s why when you pause a Sculpt class it will show you short looping videos of each of the moves in a workout. These aren’t the bland videos you’ll find in on YouTube or a free website either – we’ve assembled a production team at Studio that includes folks who have made award winning music videos for Kanye West and Kings of Leon.

Last, but certainly not least, we’re completely overhauling the way the leaderboard is ranked. Fitcoin was previously based upon time and distance. It’s now based upon time and your heart rate zone. Ie – If you’re in the grey zone it’s less Fitcoin than the orange zone. We did this for two reasons – 1) Distance makes no sense for verticals outside of running 2) We wanted to bring a playing field to the leaderboard and heart rate training is the way to do it. This also opens up the possibility for new wearables, something we know you’ve been asking for.

Sculpt is included with your existing membership. It’s the beginning of some major new updates we’ll be launching over the next few months.

Here’s to a Better. Faster. Stronger. YOU.