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Meet Our Newest Instructor: Aaron Albert.


Studio Community,

As our team continues to expand, we recruit and attract the world’s best talent. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you a man you are going to fall in love with the moment you take his class, someone I met years ago in the New York City Boutique Fitness scene, our newest instructor, Aaron Albert.

Aaron is a former child actor turned fitness instructor who has taught at Cycle House in La, is the Co-Creator of the Cycling Division and Global Director of Training at Absolute in Singapore + Bankok, and is the Director of Training at CYC Fitness.

Aaron is extremely warm and welcoming and although we do not physically workout together, he will make you feel like he is right there next to you and will motivate you to work harder and feel supported on the journey. Aaron creates an unparalleled experience in his class that is truly next level and if you press “Go Run” on one of his classes the next 20-45 minutes of your life are destined to be filled with sweat, laughter, hard work, but most importantly FUN.

With a little something for everyone, Aaron’s playlists always hit a home run, mixing original and remixed versions of new and old songs that keeps energy flowing. Throughout class, he will remind you to soak up the time for yourselves and really put in what you would like to receive from the time together. Aaron puts great emphasis on correct form and upon completing class he will leave you with a feeling of camaraderie and respect for the hard work you have just completed.

Aaron aims to inspire, he is goofy, will make you laugh all while digging deep and pushing to your limit and then beyond. With his acting background, Aaron is a true entertainer and will make it not just about the collective group and help you individually. all at once. Aaron will enable you to look inside as you find your new point of no return, which is not just sweat inducing but soul stirring.

You might question if you can keep going, but Aaron will make sure you can and then when it’s done you will feel on top of the world.

Aaron will provide you a challenging class in all the ways you want if you’re looking for a full body workout, however, with his encouragement, music and programming class will fly by, solidifying the idea that time really flies by when you’re having fun.

Open the Studio platform on iOS or your smart treadmill to take Aaron’s debut run.