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Meet Adam D. aka Transformation Dad and See How Studio Helped Him Lose 40 lbs


Tell us about yourself!

I am a dad of two great kids. Girl MJ who is almost 4 and a boy AJ who is 1.5. I have an amazing wife of 3 years Marian. I am a Director at a Large Health Care Staffing company in Orlando, Fl. After having our first child 3 years ago I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I was over 350lbs with an arrow pointing to 400. I had been overweight for as long as I could remember but now I had a family to watch over an knew things had to change. My wife bought me a FitBit and I just started walking and counting calories. The pounds started to come off and I was on my way to running and working out. After a year and half I lost 85 lbs but I had to have surgery I gained some weight back. This year my gym, Athletic Apex, had a body transformation contest and I got back on track. I am now 125 lbs down with a goal of 150 in my sights.

Before and After

How did you find Studio?

I randomly found Studio on Facebook about a month into my challenge. It popped up as something I might be interested in and luckily clicked on it. I had done OTF in the past and lived it and always wanted an alternative I could do on my own. I signed up for a free trial and after my first class Rap N Rock HIIT I was hooked!!

How would you describe how you feel after class?

I work out at 5am each day so I know it might be odd to say but after each work out I feel amazing and have so much energy. The music really helps get me going and the challenging runs really plays well with my ultra competitive side. I am also huge on going to the gym and looking like you actually worked out so I love it when I finish with a shirt covered in sweat. I feel like I really worked!!

How does Studio make you better on and off the treadmill (or outdoor run)?

Since joining Studio I have lost about 40 lbs so I feel amazing both off and on the treadmill. From being overweight my entire life I have a really bad knee. The pain is almost gone since joining which is a big deal for me. Off the treadmill my stamina and confidence has gone way up. First keeping up with two kids under 4 is non stop. Without Studio I would struggle keeping up with them and would be tired much quicker. Second I manage a very large group of people so I am constantly speaking in front of them. Not having so much extra weight allows me to be a lot less image conscious when I am in front of them and a lot more confident.

How is Studio different than any other workout?

First off the instructors are awesome!!! I feel like they are talking just to me and I never want to let them down. Second the soundtracks to the runs are amazing. I really only listen to Disney music at home so my workout soundtrack has become very bland and boring but I have no time to put some new music together. Studio handles that for me now!

Overall, how has Studio changed your lifestyle?

As I mentioned before I am just a lot more confident now but I am also very proud of where I am. I still have a lot of work to do but I know with Studio I will reach my goals

Has Studio helped you through any challenges in your life?

I didn’t win my body transformation challenge at my gym but I feel like I really am the biggest winner now with Studios help. For anyone that has had to battle the demons of being overweight they know how much it can affect you as a person both inside and out. From the not fitting in an airplane seat, having to wear whatever fits no matter of style, to the ultimate failure not being able to play with your kids, being overweight can be almost too much to handle sometimes. With the help of my family and friends, my gym and Studio I am defeating these demons.

Is there something you couldn’t do before Studio that you can now tackle?

I can sprint at a 9!!!!!! I can run a mile in under 8 minutes!!!

If you could describe your Studio experience in 3 words what would they be and why?

Fun, hard and rewarding

I really do run with a smile every morning because I enjoy the app so much but it also kicks my butt but the reward of losing weight is so worth it!

Anything else you want us to know about you?

Please follow my transformation on Instagram @transformation_dad and help keep me on track and honest