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Why Lisa Niren Is Joining Studio As Director of Content and Programming


We started Studio with the mission of making fitness more accessible by turning it into entertainment. That means our top priority is delivering content that is amazing and the way to do that is hiring the best instructors and allowing each class to have a narrative that rivals what you’d expect from any form of entertainment. By recruiting the world’s best instructors and making them available anytime, anywhere at an insanely affordable price point, we’re democratizing group fitness. Doing all of this isn’t easy and requires a member of our executive team to help lead the charge.

Enter Lisa Niren. Myself and the rest of the Studio team got to know Lisa in early fall, though I felt like I knew her as I had taken her classes many times before around New York City. Lisa has been teaching group fitness since 2010, as one of the earliest instructors at FlyWheel. In 2014, Lisa joined Peloton as one of the original head instructors, when the company was filming out of a closet and digital fitness wasn’t really a thing. Her experience from Peloton, makes her one of the few instructors and fitness professionals in the world with the knowledge to help us achieve our mission. It felt like the perfect match, and we were lucky to have Lisa join us at the end of last year. Lisa joining us is a statement to the world that we’re serious about bringing on board the best instructors and creating the best content in the world.

Not only is Lisa going to be responsible for recruiting the best instructors (wait for some of the new instructors we’re going to announce), managing our content strategy, and owning our social presence, Lisa is going to be an instructor on Studio. Her first class goes live today and she’ll be a regular fixture on the schedule.