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6 Reasons Why Audio Fitness Classes Will Change Your Life


As a busy person who is always on the go, it can be hard to make time for exercise. You may feel as if you don’t even have enough time to brush your teeth or shower! It may also feel like exercise is a costly hobby. If exercise has felt impossible or boring, or even too pricey, you’ll be happy to know that there are brand-new solutions that are more convenient and fun at a great price! Audio classes, like the ones offered through Studio, are a great way to workout whenever it works best for you! You can live a more active life and enjoy doing it, too.

Keep reading to learn how you can save time and money with audio workout classes:

Fit In Exercise When It Works For You

Some days you may not feel like working out — and that’s fine! It’s better to exercise when it feels good. You may also feel like there’s no time to carve out in your crazy schedule, so getting to the gym is impossible. With audio workout routines, you can find time to take a class from the comfort of home when the baby is sleeping or when you get a quick break in your daily schedule.

No Rushing To And From The Gym Or Studio

Rushing to and from the gym studio is exhausting in itself. This is especially true if you don’t have a gym right near your home. It also requires extra time to prepare to get dressed, drive to and from the studio, and park. Instead of wasting all of that time and making the process stressful, you can exercise right at your own home. It’s that simple!

Keep More Money In Your Pocket

Traditional gym and exercise programs can quickly add up. If you’re on a tight schedule and want to save more, audio classes are a great option. A typical class can easily cost $25-35. Instead, pay a low monthly fee of $8.33 for unlimited audio classes. You really can get in great shape without having to overspend. If can enjoy a two-week free trial to try out the service first.

Access To the World’s Best Instructors

When you take audio classes, it’s easier to stay motivated. You can listen to the instructor cheering you on as you go through the class.  These instructors are the best in the world from top tier fitness studios in New York City. With Studio, you also get the added benefit of the leaderboard. If you choose to use this feature, you can have some friendly competition with others as they take the same class! This can make the whole exercise routine so much more fun.

Less Discomfort About Working Out

It can feel overwhelming going to the gym, especially if you haven’t been there in a while. You may have anxiety about how you look and feel, and you may worry if other gym-goers are judging you. When you take audio classes at home, you can feel much more at ease. You’ll soon start to feel more comfortable about working out.

It’s Fun And Exciting

To continue wanting to work out, you need to make your exercise practice fun. With so many great classes to choose from, audio classes provide the fun that is needed. You can switch things up and try new classes to keep things exciting. You may even find yourself starting to look forward to your at-home workout sessions — even if you’re busy and overwhelmed with other life activities!

If you’re wondering how to lose weight or how to find time to exercise, worry no more! Studio offers a mix of exciting classes for you to take part in whenever it works best for you! You can even use your Apple Watch if you already have one — though it’s not a requirement at all! You can get into a routine and reach your fitness goals, no matter how busy your daily life feels!