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Running On A Treadmill

Doesn’t Have To Suck.

That’s why we built Studio – we turn running into a party. Our audio based group running classes pair a motivating instructor with killer playlists.  You’re not alone either as you can compete in real-time on our leaderboard to earn points and level up. We release new classes everyday and you can take them anytime you want.

How It Works


Request Early Access

Apply for early access to get new classes sent to you by email twice a week. Each class is a mix of great instruction from an awesome coach matched with an amazing playlist. Think of it like a SoulCycle class for running, that you can take at anytime that's convenient for you.

Hop on A Treadmill

Pick the class you want and head to the Treadmill that's closest to you, whether it's in your home or at your gym. Every class makes use of the speed and incline functions on a treadmill to ensure a great workout.

Post Your Results To The Group

Once you're done with the class, post your results back to our Facebook group. Take a screenshot from your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or any other running app.

Stay tuned for the iOS App

Anyone who gets early access to the content through the Facebook Group, will be first on the list to try our iOS app. These classes are just an early test run of what we're up to... there's a lot more to come this summer.

Coming to iOS.


This Summer.

Enjoy group running classes, anytime, anywhere.  This summer Studio will be launching the full product as an iOS app.  Stay tuned to learn more.

We Believe Anyone Can Be a "Runner"

Jason runs a 5K everyday and Nathaniel is just getting into running, but the common theme was that running can get boring over time…especially on a Treadmill.  We thought we could liven things up if we turned running into a group fitness class with great instructors and great music.  Instead of forcing everyone to get into a room together at a set schedule, we thought it would be neat to use technology to let anyone, anywhere take group running classes.  The same technology also lets us think about making the experience more social and more interactive.

Jason L. Baptiste

CEO / Designer

Nathaniel McNamara

President / Biz Dev

Juan Alvarez

Founding Engineer

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